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The circular economy: Enabling the transformation to circular business

The circular economy could unlock $4.5trn in economic growth. To capture this growth, transparency and collaboration within business are crucial

TOMRA continues its drive to create a plastics circular economy

Plastic is one of the world’s most useful materials, but at present, it is being grossly mismanaged. By closing the plastics loop, manufacturers can ensure the resource is responsibly recycled and reused

More plastic could help create a circular economy

As consumer demand increases and more companies pledge to use recycled materials, a plastic paradox has surfaced. Now, more plastic needs to be collected to meet the rising demand for eco-friendly materials

The future of waste handling: A better place (4 of 4)

The fourth and final part of our video series with Molok North America looks at the challenges of the next five to 10 years, as the world accelerates its efforts to confront our climate crisis

The future of waste handling: Doing what’s right (3 of 4)

In part three of our video series with Molok North America, we find out how the company is working to improve waste management for users, municipalities, and property developers

The future of waste handling: A vision, a drive, a dream (2 of 4)

In part two of our video series with Molok North America, we meet the original innovators of Molok’s semi-underground waste management system

The future of waste handling: In a perfect world (1 of 4)

In part one of our video series with Molok North America, we learn how far the US and Canada has to come to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The circular economy could end waste and save the environment

The lack of material innovation is the tallest obstacle standing in the way of the circular economy

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The power of garbage with an innovative multi-utility

Hera Spa is driving innovation and consolidation in Italy’s utility market, one of the most fragmented in Europe

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Could reinventing waste greatly reduce our carbon footprint?

As the concept of making waste useful continues to gain popularity, Elizabeth Matsangou explores some novel approaches that can drastically reduce our carbon footprint

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Turning city waste into biofuels

Innovative technologies are making better use of our cities’ leftovers. Arthur Kay spoke to The New Economy about how he is turning our waste coffee into clean green biofuels

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Pioneering sustainability in the UAE; Bee’ah advises

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah, explains how the company’s waste management schemes are pioneering environmental sustainability in the UAE