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Quibi launches, becoming the latest video-streaming app in a saturated market

The app focuses on short videos designed to be watched on a smartphone, including unscripted shows, documentaries and episodic movies

Rovio receives investment in its ‘Netflix for gaming’ subsidiary

Finland’s Rovio receives investment in its subsidiary Hatch Entertainment, bringing 5G gaming a step closer for Japanese consumers

Online streaming boom signals the end of traditional broadcasting

The popularity of online video streaming services is surging, leaving broadcasters and tech companies scrambling to establish themselves as television’s successor

Facebook takes aim at TV with launch of new video platform Watch

Social media giant Facebook has launched a new video service in a bid to conquer the growing digital video industry

Facebook in talks with Hollywood studios to produce original TV-quality shows

Social media giant Facebook is the latest tech company planning to branch into television with high budget scripted shows in the pipeline

Netflix subscriptions soar as viewers move to internet TV

Netflix gained seven million subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2016, riding on a wave of the ‘big adoption’ of internet TV

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Stream if you want to go faster: how Netflix and friends killed off the TV

When Amazon bought for $970m last year, it crystallised the fact traditional TV was dead. A new generation has begun consuming content in a very different way

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Netflix’s membership and share-price peak

Online TV streaming service Netflix has reached 60 million members, resulting in a rally on the price of its shares

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Television enters the digital age

TV ratings service Nielsen is finally set to offer an online measurement service, just as networks get to grips with the internet’s potential

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Could Europe be to blame for Netflix’s low subscription rate?

The TV streaming company is evolving to reach a greater proportion of the available market, leading to a slower growth rate

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French rules provide obstacle for Netflix as it takes on Europe

Netflix is looking to expand its already impressive European user base, although early indications suggest there might be some hostility to contend with

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Netflix price rise essential despite healthy first quarter profits

Video streaming service Netflix posts better results than expected but nevertheless outlines a price hike for later this year

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