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Online streaming boom signals the end of traditional broadcasting

The popularity of online video streaming services is surging, leaving broadcasters and tech companies scrambling to establish themselves as television’s successor

Facebook takes aim at TV with launch of new video platform Watch

Social media giant Facebook has launched a new video service in a bid to conquer the growing digital video industry

Sinclair buys Tribune Media for $3.9bn

Sinclair’s new acquisition of Tribune Media will create a company that covers most of the US broadcasting market

YouTube launches its own TV service

Online video giant YouTube is taking on traditional cable TV companies with its $35-a-month subscription service

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Sony and LG the last two to bid adieu to 3D TV

Finally, 3D TV has met its end, with the last two manufacturers winding-up production in 2017

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Disney invests $1bn in video streaming group

Disney is looking to counteract a slowdown in subscriber growth at ESPN with a sharper focus on streaming services

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Google exec to lead TV corporation

Google’s Michelle Guthrie will become the first female managing director of ABC when she takes charge next year

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Stream if you want to go faster: how Netflix and friends killed off the TV

When Amazon bought for $970m last year, it crystallised the fact traditional TV was dead. A new generation has begun consuming content in a very different way

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Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger threatened by FCC

FCC voices concerns over the merger of the two biggest cable providers in the US

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Google makes a play for television advertising market

Google’s new system will change the way businesses advertise on television by more accurately measuring viewing behaviour

Television enters the digital age

TV ratings service Nielsen is finally set to offer an online measurement service, just as networks get to grips with the internet’s potential

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How Netflix et al are killing off television as we know it

Television is dead and the laptop’s the box they’re going to bury it in. Business models are shifting and new players are coming through as TV goes digital

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