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The rise of digital currencies in the emerging world

As of September 7, 2021, El Salvador will officially recognise Bitcoin as legal currency. This is a remarkable move, and one that will likely stimulate a huge amount of economic growth as Salvadoreans leapfrog from a largely cash-based society straight to a system characterised by the frictionless, finger-snap efficiency of digital currency.

How the cloud is impacting banking

Cloud solutions can offer a multitude of benefits – ranging from cost reduction to scalability – to businesses operating across a wide range of industries. Their effect on the finance sector could be especially profound

Digital banking app Revolut to hire 3,500 staff in global push

Following a new global deal with payments company Visa, Revolut is expanding into new markets despite questions over the neobank’s conduct

The disruptive impact of fintech

The Financial Stability Board has published a report on how fintech is set to destabilise the banking sector, but just how insightful were its findings?

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New cryptocurrencies promise stability through ties to the dollar – but is it a myth?

The unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies has prompted developers to turn to pegged alternatives. Unfortunately, the coins they tout are just as volatile

New players shake up the payments industry

For centuries, payments have been the sole preserve of the traditional banking industry. Finally, a raft of digital upstarts has arrived to shake things up and advantage consumers

‘Every single terminal’ in Europe to accept contactless by 2020

From next year, all retailers across Europe must accept contactless payments, according to MasterCard’s senior vice-president

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Fernando Calloia | Banco de la Republica Uruguay | Video

The New Economy interviews Fernando Calloia, President, Banco de la Republica Uruguay, on the role of public banks in Uruguay

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Carlos Danel on financial inclusion | Banco Compartamos

The New Economy interviews Carlos Danel, Executive Vice-President and Co-Founder of Banco Compartamos, on driving financial inclusion in Latin America

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