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Enabling the transformation to circular business

Shifting to a circular economic model has the potential to unlock $4.5trn in economic growth, says SAP’s Maggie Buggie

Top 6 environmental initiatives that could save your business money

With nudge theory demonstrating how easily consumers can be persuaded to make sustainable decisions, businesses are reaping the financial rewards of green initiatives

Banks must become sustainable to secure prosperous future

In order for sustainability to become fully ingrained within the financial system, long-term prosperity must be prioritised over short-term gain

Obama bans Arctic drilling

Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau have moved to ban oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans ahead of Trump’s inauguration in January

Clamour loudens for US crude oil export ban to be lifted

Calls to lift the ban on US crude exports are getting louder, though the economic advantages come with environmental consequences

SIWI: water is precious; it’s time to advance our thinking around it

Water is a precious resource, and one we are not using wisely. Torgny Holmgren and Jens Berggren of the Stockholm International Water Institute explain why we must advance our thinking around water