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Fossil fuels are filling the gap in rising energy demand

A global surge in energy requirements in 2018 meant that the shortfall between supply and demand had to be made up by burning fossil fuels

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Pushing clean energy on the world’s poorest nations serves to widen inequality

The West has benefitted from the use of fossil fuels for centuries. Recent calls to deny developing nations the
same privilege will only deepen economic inequality

Top 5 innovative alternatives to fossil fuel

Solar panels and wind turbines create the vast majority of renewable energy, but further breakthroughs are needed for the energy sector to cut its ties with fossil fuel once and for all

Centrica to sell gas plants to EPH in shift away from fossil fuels

Centrica is to sell two of its gas-fired power plants to Czech company EPH for £318m

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UK achieves first coal-free day since the Industrial Revolution

In a landmark moment for energy usage, the UK has generated a day’s worth of electricity without using coal