Optimising company strategies to meet challenges of the digital age

Stratence Partners works with organisations of all sizes to help them increase their profit margins, market share and the value they can deliver to their respective industries

At Stratence Partners, we engage with the organisations we work with by using a ‘train and coach’ approach

The key to strategy optimisation is to work with companies to shape their organisation into a more structured, dynamic and cross-functional form. This means granting greater capacity to professionals for proactively managing the value delivered through the company’s products and services, and then measuring how this value is influencing demand from all segments of the market.

Put simply, it’s about implementing a more automated and scientific approach when handling customers. Being agile, having the right mindset and matching products and services with the right customers are all key factors.

A lot of companies try to sell everything to everyone. As a result, they don’t leverage a proper commercial and pricing strategy. Successful companies, on the other hand, are clear about the value they deliver, the customers they are targeting and how much their customers will pay for a fair deal.

A lot of companies try to sell everything to everyone. As a result, they don’t leverage a proper commercial and pricing strategy

Plotting roadmaps
At Stratence Partners, we engage with the organisations we work with by using a ‘train and coach’ approach. In doing so, we work closely with the different functions involved in the strategy, pricing and commercial departments of the organisation. For every stakeholder on board, we leverage proven methodologies that we have been employing for more than 25 years across some 800 projects. We’ve partnered with companies of all sizes across many industries globally. By using this experience, we help companies identify what they are already doing well and what they need to improve on.

With this in mind, we can help project participants to build a roadmap for both short and long-term success. For the latter, sustainability is crucial. Throughout this entire process, we consider profitability and formulate a list of priorities for each initiative that we plan on deploying. Finally, for every company we work with, we start off with the understanding that if they are selling a product or service, there is always the potential to increase profits, volume or both.

Proven methods
At Stratence Partners, we use the term ‘pricing excellence’. We believe this to be the key element in transforming a strategy into tactics, rules, conditions and prices that align harmoniously. We also believe it is critical to provide market intelligence at precisely the right time to enable our commercial clients to develop better relationships with their customers, thereby boosting both their volume of sales and profits. Essentially, it’s all about commercial effectiveness. Developing market and competitive intelligence and then transforming this into a business strategy going forward is a clear asset for commercial success. It starts by designing and implementing a new structure made up of people, processes, the organisation, governance, systems and data. Then, leveraging this with what the company already possesses, it is combined using advanced capabilities.

The key benefit to implementing these new capabilities is to better support the organisation in defining the best value proposal (which can include the portfolio, volume, conditions and prices) for each individual customer segment. Then, depending on the complexity of the business and what makes sense in each case, we complement these new capabilities with a variety of science and data-driven tools, including analytics, algorithms, rules engines, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We then work closely with the sales people of the organisation, training and coaching them to implement changes in their field. As such, it’s about translating the strategy into the real world.

Another proven method we use is the World Class Excellence Model, which provides a robust benchmark to compare the current capabilities of an organisation with the 40 best practices for strategy optimisation, pricing excellence and commercial effectiveness. We also employ a change management framework to engage with organisations through their various functions and at all levels.

At Stratence Partners, we commit to providing complete satisfaction to all of our customers. This involves sharing all of our insight, knowledge and capabilities. Through this level of dedication, we can ensure a one-to-one return in the short term, meaning the project essentially pays for itself, and a one-to-10 return on the investment in the long term. We typically increase our customers’ profit margins by four percent to 12 percent, making Stratence Partners’ services invaluable to businesses of all sizes.