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Out for blood: the fight against the planet’s deadliest creature

Mosquitoes cause hundreds of thousands of fatalities every year. Technological developments are helping to control the threat, but with funding dwindling, the fight against lethal viruses is far from over

Research hotspot: Carinthia is an ideal home for hi-tech companies

Located in the heart of Europe, surrounded by magnificent mountains, Carinthia lures visitors in with its incredible landscape, crystal-clear lakes and idyllic skiing. It also enjoys a reputation as a leading space for technological development

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Collection of genetic data leads to privacy concerns

The market for at-home DNA tests is booming. As the companies behind them amass more genetic data, privacy advocates have raised concerns that consumers lack much-needed protection

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Despite global financial uncertainty, Hessen remains an investor hotspot

With so much uncertainty surrounding global trading conditions, the German state of Hessen offers investors some much-needed reassurance

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Germany’s digital hubs are transforming Baden-Württemberg

Thanks to continued investment from the German Government, it’s never been easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to life in Baden-Württemberg

Mobile phones are changing personal finance across Africa

The use of mobile money has exploded across Africa in recent years, but while some nations are setting the global agenda, political barriers and trust issues are causing others to lag behind

SoftBank left reeling after $8.9bn Vision Fund loss

Japanese investment powerhouse SoftBank has revealed that its Vision Fund lost $8.9bn in the third quarter of 2019 – a far higher figure than analysts had predicted

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Indian hotel start-up Oyo to raise $1.5bn in latest round of funding

Oyo Rooms, one of the world’s largest hotel chains, has raised $1.5bn in its latest financing efforts, bringing its valuation up to $10bn

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Insiders raise concerns as Tesla’s China factory gears up to start production

Tesla’s new $2bn factory in Shanghai, China, is on schedule to start production in October, but internal sources have suggested the factory may not meet its ambitious production targets

WeWork’s bond price falls sharply after withdrawing its IPO 

Having once been the US’ most highly valued tech start-up, WeWork is now withdrawing its IPO after a turbulent month that saw its co-founder and CEO step down

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China dispatches government officials to Alibaba and other private companies

Government officials are being assigned to some of China’s largest corporations as the state moves to exert greater control over the private sector and maintain its dominance over entrepreneurs

Start-up WeWork postpones IPO amid valuation concerns

The American real estate company has had to withdraw its IPO in an embarrassing U-turn