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Lyft launches new delivery service 

As demand for ride-hailing services plummets, Lyft is tapping its drivers to deliver groceries, meals and medical supplies to people in need

Investors sue Lyft amid share price slump

Lyft’s share price has declined since the company went public in March, and investors are blaming the US ride-sharing company for exaggerating its market position

Lyft’s IPO marks the beginning of open season for unicorn debuts

The eagerly anticipated public listing of the the ride-hailing firm is the largest US technology IPO since Snap went public in 2017

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Lyft seeks $23bn IPO valuation

Ride-hailing firm and Uber-rival Lyft is hoping to raise $2.1bn in what would be the US’ biggest technology listing since Snap’s initial public offering in 2017

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Ford Lyfts AI efforts with autonomous vehicle partnership

Ride-hailing app Lyft and automobile giant Ford will collaborate in an attempt to bring self-driving vehicles to the mainstream before fierce competitor Uber

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Hong Kong authorities arrest Uber drivers

Taxi company Uber faces another legal challenge in Hong Kong, following the arrest of 21 drivers

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