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Instagram opens its doors to advertisers

Instagram, the photo-sharing service that was bought by Facebook for $1bn three years ago has opened its advertising application programming interface (API) up to all ad-networks

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Google makes a play for television advertising market

Google’s new system will change the way businesses advertise on television by more accurately measuring viewing behaviour

Why Ello is not about to replace Facebook

The self-proclaimed ‘anti-Facebook’ Ello has gained considerable traction in the media recently – but we’ve heard it all before

$35bn Publicis-Omnicom merger collapses despite high hopes

Advertising giants Publicis and Omnicom have pulled the plug on proposed merger and parted ways after months of “slow progress” and “uncertainty”

Millennials: the perfect consumers?

Millennials are finally being recognised as a consumer demographic. With disposable income and an open mind, they are the ideal consumers

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Facebook to launch TV-style adverts

Company looking to capitalise on young audiences to compete with television ad sales

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