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There is no ‘new’ Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the world’s leading tech hub. However, whenever a new centre of innovation emerges, we hear talk of ‘the new Silicon Valley’

Businesses help refugees to integrate across Europe

Companies are starting to take the initiative in welcoming refugees by launching internships, training courses and campaigns to heighten employment prospects

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Uber is losing $1bn a year in China

Uber’s CEO revealed the company is losing $1bn a year in China as it struggles to fight off competition from Didi Kuaidi

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Uber’s had a bit of a rebrand

By launching a new logo, Uber is attempting to make its brand more recognisable across its new and varied platforms

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Airbnb crowdsources its lobbying

Airbnb’s recent win against attempts to curtail its use in San Francisco shows how the technology industry can defeat regulators by calling on the influence of its user base

Uber and Lyft amass $3.1bn in funding

Uber and Lyft have doubled their fundraising as they look to capitalise on what opportunities remain in the ridesharing market

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What problems does Uber currently face?

Uber has been a major success story, reaching a valuation of $50bn after just five years. But it’s not been a smooth ride and the firm is engaged in regulatory battles around the world

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The history of the dotcom bubble – and how it could happen again

With tech companies growing at rapid rates, many commentators are worried the industry could be in line for a catastrophic fall – one comparable to the dotcom crash of 2000

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China’s dominant taxi-app provider invests in Uber rival

Uber’s chief rival in China has invested in its US competition in strategic show of strength

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Leaked documents show Uber suffers shock losses

Leaked documents show Uber is increasingly losing money, although the firm defends this as part of a longer-term business plan

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Uber wins important victory over zealous New York

New York has agreed not to impose a cap on Uber, in exchange for its cooperation in studying the app’s impact on pollution and congestion

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Google taxi service threatens Uber’s market hold

With Uber developing its own driverless cars, Google is set to launch its own online taxi service

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