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Is sexism endemic in Silicon Valley, or is Uber’s culture an extreme example?

After reports of sexism, harassment and bias, Uber is facing a moment of truth. CEO Travis Kalanick must lead from the front, or risk tacitly endorsing negative behaviour

Google sues Uber in self-driving car dispute

Uber has been accused of stealing trade secrets and technology from Google’s Waymo self-driving car division

Uber hires NASA aircraft engineer to develop flying cars

Uber is looking to develop its nascent flying car programme, known as Uber Elevate, through hiring talented engineers who share the company’s vision

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quits Trump advisory council

Travis Kalanick has stepped down from President Trump’s economic advisory council after strong public backlash

Uber hitches a ride with Daimler

The agreement between the two companies has the potential to be a template for future deals

Uber to pay out $20m after misleading drivers in the US

Uber has settled with the FTC after advertisements on Craigslist claimed drivers would earn as much as $25 per hour working for the service

After the deluge, venture capital funding has dried up

Encouraged by runaway successes, investment has been easy to come by for tech start-ups, But the party might now be over

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Uber gives up the battle in China, but looks set to win the war worldwide

Uber, the world’s most popular ride-hailing app, spent years trying to corner the market in China. It has now retreated, merging with long-time rival Didi Chuxing

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GM’s Maven lands in Uber’s backyard

GM’s car-sharing service, Maven, has launched in San Francisco as the fight for the future of personal transportation intensifies

Uber announces trial of driverless fleet

The ridesharing service has partnered with Volvo to bring a fleet of driverless vehicles to Pittsburgh

Uber to merge with China’s Didi Chuxing

Taxi app Uber has agreed to merge its business in China with rival taxi firm Didi Chuxing

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Food delivery industry a safe bet for established brands

The food delivery industry offers a safe return for firms that already have a strong customer network and functioning technology. For green start-ups, however, it might be a risk too far in terms of costs and marketing

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