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Cortana: the not-so-intelligent PA embarrasses Microsoft CEO

The press event was meant to demonstrate the processing prowess of Microsoft’s digital personal assistant, but Cortana didn’t want to play ball

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Nokia refuses to give up on its mobile business

The storied Nokia brand has hinted at a return to mobile, though only in partnership with a “world-class partner”

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Microsoft makes job cuts as Nokia mobile unit suffers

Microsoft has announced that it will write down its Nokia acquisition and cut 7,800 jobs, primarily in the phone business

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Elop departs as part of Microsoft reshuffle

Former Nokia-CEO Stephen Elop is the biggest name to be leaving Microsoft, as the company looks to align its engineering teams with its strategy

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Microsoft unveils new Windows

Swathe of new services shows a new ambitious strategy from Microsoft, but is it enough to win back old users?

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The future is cloudy for consoles as video games move online

It looks like cloud gaming will render the dedicated games console redundant, and transform gaming from a product into a service. Matt Timms picks up a controller and finds out

Ballmer quits Microsoft’s board after 34 years at the top

Ballmer’s decision to step down as director has brought an end to the former CEO’s 34-year association with the company

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Microsoft profits slump, but CEO remains optimistic about future

Profits of tech giant fall by seven percent, but the company remains optimistic about its long-term strategy

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Microsoft unveils first Nokia Android handset – the X2

The newest addition to the Nokia X series underlines Microsoft’s commitment to services ahead of its operating system business

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Rajeev Suri becomes Nokia’s new CEO after Microsoft takeover

Nokia has appointed Rajeev Suri as its new chief executive, replacing Stephen Elop – who will join the Microsoft devices group as executive vice-president

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Microsoft to retire Windows XP support despite high user rates

Microsoft has announced that they will end XP, which has served to frustrate consumers and businesses that are left with no option but to upgrade

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Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s handsets for €5.44bn

Nokia agrees to sell handsets and license its patents as Microsoft aims to shake-up smartphone market

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