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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

IBM cloud services drive higher-than-expected Q4 revenues

IBM has undergone a business transformation in recent years, focusing on artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing. Following a positive Q4 earnings report, it seems the move is paying off

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Landmark UN climate report warns of disaster by 2040

The UN’s climate committee has warned that we face a global climate crisis if we continue on our current path. The report also maps out a number of pathways that must be taken to ensure we curb global temperature rises

A trailblazing year for the Nobel Prize

This year’s winners included the first woman to be awarded the prize in the 21st century, and the oldest person ever to win the prestigious accolade

Tesla flips switch on grid storage

Autonomous carmaker Tesla has officially launched a battery storage plant that could ensure renewables are used more efficiently

Chrysaor Shell out on North Sea assets

Anglo-Dutch energy giant Shell has agreed to sell its North Sea oil assets as it continues to reduce its $80bn debt pile

Obama bans Arctic drilling

Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau have moved to ban oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans ahead of Trump’s inauguration in January