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Virtual reality will change how the healthcare sector treats patients

Virtual reality is on the cusp of taking the healthcare sector by storm. With seemingly endless ways to help people with a variety of medical conditions, the virtual world is set to transform the lives of millions

Top 5 healthcare innovations shaping the industry’s future

Despite facing regulatory hurdles, the healthcare sector continues to embrace new technologies that could save lives

London-based virtual reality start-up receives $502m investment

Improbable, a London based virtual reality start-up, has achieved ‘unicorn’ status after raising $502m to achieve a $1bn valuation

Apple buys virtual reality start-up Faceshift

Apple makes another move into the virtual reality space with its latest acquisition of Faceshift

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Virtual reality’s five brightest stars

Though Oculus Rift is very much the go-to name in any discussion about virtual reality, there are a number of rival firms racing the Facebook-owned company to the top

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Virtual reality set to enhance just about every industry

Virtual reality is staging a comeback. Advances made in video games are being applied in education, healthcare and psychotherapy

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