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New players shake up the payments industry

For centuries, payments have been the sole preserve of the traditional banking industry. Finally, a raft of digital upstarts has arrived to shake things up and advantage consumers

IBM: Innovative platform architecture is the lynchpin for cloud and AI integration in business today

Boas Betzler explains how the architecture of platform is key in the digital revolution

Catalonia is the ICT hub Europe’s modern start-up sector needs

As one of Europe’s leading ICT hubs, Catalonia offers everything the modern technology firm could possibly need

Artificial intelligence could pose an ‘existential threat’

With investment in artificial intelligence 10 times higher than it was five years ago, the technology needs greater regulation as it risks spiralling out of human control

Crowdfunding changes the face of small business financing

Crowdfunding is threatening to supplant the banking industry’s status as the go-to source of finance for small businesses, writes Matt Timms

In bed with Big Brother: Apple and IBM form strategic alliance

Strategic alliances may be trumpeted as offering companies huge opportunities, but they’re sometimes just the last throw of the dice by firms in need of fresh ideas

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The future is cloudy for consoles as video games move online

It looks like cloud gaming will render the dedicated games console redundant, and transform gaming from a product into a service. Matt Timms picks up a controller and finds out

Copenhagen weather change prompts audacious flood plan

Copenhagen is one of many cities threatened by rising sea levels and extreme weather – but it has an ambitious plan to defend itself

Spotify IPO could be imminent

Speculation is rife that the online streaming service Spotify could be headed for an IPO, which will be music to the ears of investors after the success of Twitter last year

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Google’s driverless cars

Google hopes to release the technology for its driverless vehicles within five years – but first it needs to get some laws repealed. We look at the technology behind the automated automobile and why it’s so contentious