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India announces record year for wind energy

India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has announced the addition of 5,400 mW of wind power in the past year

India makes biometric database registration mandatory for tax returns

Iris scans and fingerprint identification will be made mandatory for filing tax returns and owning a mobile phone

Coal reaches turning point in key markets

The number of coal power plants under construction plummeted over 2016, while over 100 new construction projects have been frozen

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Vodafone’s Indian unit announces merger in wake of price war

Vodafone India has announced that it is to merge with Idea, creating the country’s largest telecoms operator

Madhav’s solar solutions allow deprived areas to convert to renewable sources

India’s sizeable off-grid population is reliant on fossil fuels. By bringing solar power to industrial operators, Madhav aims to cause a trickle-down effect, helping households go green

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India signs $1bn solar energy deal with World Bank

India’s new solar power agreement with the World Bank paves the way for the developing nation to lift ever more citizens out of poverty and meet climate targets at the same time

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The US attacks India’s solar programme

Following a complaint from the US, the WTO has ruled India’s solar energy mission discriminates against international competitors

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India bans Facebook’s Free Basics

Facebook’s plan to provide free internet access to poor communities has been blocked by Indian regulators

The main roadblock to an Indian common market? Democracy

The lack of a national goods and services tax is stopping India making the most of its continent-size domestic market. The government is keen, but local politics is holding it back

COP21, day two: India’s climate policy under the microscope

India’s commitment to renewables is at odds with a refusal to subject its targets to external scrutiny

Foxconn announces $5bn India investment

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn has signed a deal with India’s Maharashtra state to build a $5bn facility in the next five years

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SoftBank invests $20bn in India solar energy

SoftBank is to take part in a plan to deliver 20GW of solar capacity and set India on its way to becoming a leader in the renewables market

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