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Onkalo aims to solve the 100,000-year problem of nuclear waste storage

Nuclear waste will remain a deadly threat for hundreds of thousands of years. Despite having decades of hazardous waste in temporary storage, the world is only now finalising plans for long-term containment

What problems does Uber currently face?

Uber has been a major success story, reaching a valuation of $50bn after just five years. But it’s not been a smooth ride and the firm is engaged in regulatory battles around the world

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HAV Airlander 10 takes to the skies

A British design firm has big plans for its latest project. Out of fashion for 80 years, the airship could be about to rise again

What will the Nicaragua Canal mean for locals?

Construction of the Nicaragua Canal has begun and it could transform world trade. But it could also bring irreversible damage

Sharks are attacking the internet

Just when Google thought it was safe to enter the water to lay its giant internet cable between the US and Japan, it discovered it must contend with the ocean’s top predator

Tidal bore energy: how its harnessed

Tidal bore energy was harnessed as far back as the 1960s. It’s predictable, renewable and can produce massive amounts of power; but it’s also costly and damaging

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Google’s Project Loon explained

The stratosphere is the new battleground for firms whose ambition it is to bring increased internet connectivity to the developing world

10 of the most dangerous countries to be a woman

Rape, FGM, and gender based violence are just some of the problems that women face daily in certain parts of the world. We examine some of the least female-friendly places to live

Shale gas extraction explained

Many believe the US is on the brink of a new industrial age, as it benefits from a recent energy boom. Here we look at the major components of hydraulic fracturing, its environmental implications, and its impact on the US and global economies

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Top 10: the world’s most polluted places 2013

A new report, entitled Top Ten Toxic Threats, co-authored by the Blacksmith Institute and the Green Cross, shines a light on the world’s most polluted places and the extent to which those living in them are affected

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Brazil approves suicide seeds

Brazil’s controversial decision to allow the use of ‘suicide’ seeds has implications for small-scale farmers all over the world

Google’s driverless cars

Google hopes to release the technology for its driverless vehicles within five years – but first it needs to get some laws repealed. We look at the technology behind the automated automobile and why it’s so contentious