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Uber announces trial of driverless fleet

The ridesharing service has partnered with Volvo to bring a fleet of driverless vehicles to Pittsburgh

Ford enters the self-driving car game by targeting ride sharing

Ford is aiming to corner the self-driving car market through commercial ride-sharing apps, and it plans to produce cars free of any manual controls

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BMW partners with Intel and Mobileye

The new partnership aims to bring a completely autonomous vehicle to market by 2021

GM revs up its self-driving ambitions

General Motors moves closer to achieving its automation goals with the planned acquisition of three-year-old start-up Cruise Automation

Self-driving cars will divide the world

The technology industry is making it clear that, in future, you won’t have to drive a car if you don’t want to

US unveils $4bn autonomous vehicle initiative

The Department of Transportation is looking into the regulatory obstacles for self-driving vehicles, and plans to introduce a uniform set of laws for all 50 states

Apple working on electric car, says Elon Musk

Apple has been tight-lipped about whether it is working on an electric car, but the CEO of Tesla Motors says the plan is an “open secret”

GM and Lyft share a ride in a driverless car

General Motors has invested $500m in Lyft, as to the two rev up to get in on the driverless car market

Tesla supercharges autopilot project

Tesla’s Elon Musk has made a personal appeal for more software engineers to join his workforce

Artificial intelligence is scary. But that doesn’t mean we should stop it

Great minds have warned that artificial intelligence, once it surpasses human intelligence, could destroy its creator. Only if we let it, says Aaran Fronda

Google to build self-driving cars

The tech behemoth has announced that it will build its own self-driving cars, as opposed to equipping vehicles from another automaker