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Alphabet throws weight behind $300m European biotech fund

Deepening its investments in healthcare, Google’s parent company has joined the backers of the Medicxi-run fund

Higher R&D spending doesn’t mean greater innovation

Companies are investing ever-greater sums into research and development, but throwing money at the problem will never supersede a coherent strategy

Softbank raises $1bn from Sharp for $100bn Vision Fund

Electronic hardware firm Sharp has become the latest investor to join the world’s largest private equity fund

Atomico raises $765m to invest in European tech start-ups

London-based investment firm Atomico has now raised a total of $1.5bn in funding, somewhat allaying fears of a post-Brexit slowdown in the tech sector

Argentina joins oil and gas companies to invest in multi-billion-dollar shale bounty

Argentina has agreed a $15bn investment deal with companies to boost production in Vaca Muerta, in return for lower labour costs and greater subsidies

After the deluge, venture capital funding has dried up

Encouraged by runaway successes, investment has been easy to come by for tech start-ups, But the party might now be over

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Rise of the big, bad biofuel industry

As ‘bad’ biofuels affect global food supplies, now is the time for the industry to invest in alternatives

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Crowdfunding changes the face of small business financing

Crowdfunding is threatening to supplant the banking industry’s status as the go-to source of finance for small businesses, writes Matt Timms

How Star Wars changed the special effects industry

The Star Wars franchise has revolutionised the special effects industry twice already, and, as a third trilogy of films prepares to hit the screens, it is likely to change things yet again. Rita Lobo looks at the modern visual effects industry, and how it is in a constant state of flux

Top 5: Google’s year in acquisitions

The search engine giant has invested billions of dollars into promising technology companies – We count down Google’s Top 5 acquisitions over the last year

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Sabrina Schütz-Oberländer | Made in Carinthia | Video

The New Economy interviews Sabrina Schütz-Oberländer, Managing Director of EAK (Made in Carinthia), on how the Austrian state has committed to being a centre of innovation

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Cheryl Packwood on Bermuda | Business Bermuda | Video

The New Economy interviews Cheryl Packwood, CEO of Business Bermuda, on the advantages of investing in Bermuda

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