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Xiaomi launches world’s most powerful smartphone

Xiaomi unveiled its new flagship product at World Mobile Congress and made big claims about the company’s own future

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Tech companies fear the ad-block bomb

Executives from Yahoo and Google say “blunt” ad-blocking could destroy the value exchange of the digital ecosystem

Apple is battling the FBI to protect privacy

Having opposed a court order to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, Apple continues its battle with the FBI

:O Emojis are killing our phones

Having trouble with your smartphone? The problem probably isn’t the hardware: it’s more likely to be you

LG wants you to buy Friends with its G5 smartphone

LG has unveiled its new G5 smartphone, its first handset to feature a modular design

Samsung is getting over its Chinese burn

After its market share plunged in China, Samsung’s mobile chief says his company’s fortunes are about to turn around

How a phone can help the fight for equality

The GSMA has launched an ambitious scheme to increase mobile connectivity among women in the developing world

Europe must beat the US and China to 5G

European executives at the Mobile World Congress have called on policymakers to develop a common framework for 5G technology

ZTE aims budget smartphones at emerging markets

The world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker is muscling in on the budget smartphone market

The big mobile trends of 2016

The New Economy looks at the top trends for 2016 to hit the world of mobile