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Forget the cloud, use humans instead

The rise of sites offering piecemeal freelance work shows the growth of a new class who do not fit into the traditional categories of employment

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Amazon’s Pay Monthly service threatens retail competitors

The world’s largest online retailer is now offering interest-free loans. Competitors should worry about this threat to their high-end business

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Amazon opens its first real store

Despite its continued dominance in the online retail space, Amazon makes an unexpected move to the physical world by opening its first bookshop

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Amazon spots high street opportunity with RadioShack

Online retail giant in talks to buy some RadioShack stores, giving the firm its first physical presence on the high street

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Steam challenges Twitch with new video streaming service

The introduction of Steam’s new video streaming platform for gamers could pose a challenge to market leader Twitch

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How Netflix et al are killing off television as we know it

Television is dead and the laptop’s the box they’re going to bury it in. Business models are shifting and new players are coming through as TV goes digital

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