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Google enters the hardware sphere

With an impressive device range in the pipeline, Google is taking the fight to Apple, Amazon and Samsung, vying to become a household name for hardware as well as software

iPhone sales very slightly defy predictions

Apple’s iPhone sales have proven better than analysts predicted, but the company’s best seller is still on the decline in terms of demand

Samsung Pay launches in China

Samsung has entered the Chinese mobile payments market in a bid to boost its reputation in the country

Square up with first quarterly results

The latest quarterly results suggest payment company Square is having some success moving into business support services

Mobile World Congress 2016: The future of mobile will get faster and faster

Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona was a hub of innovation and the latest disruptive technologies changing the way we live

Mobile World Congress 2016: Cherie Blair – Women held back by lack of mobile ownership

In today’s increasingly connected world, inequality in mobile ownership is stifling women’s success

Mobile World Congress 2016: 5G to unlock mobile’s true potential

Technology is changing the way we connect, with innovations in the Internet of Things, cloud and 5G technologies transforming businesses, public services and people’s lives

Mobile World Congress 2016: The mobile phone – a remote control for our life

Innovation occurs as a result of various skills coming together

In numbers: BlackBerry’s decline and fall

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Xiaomi launches world’s most powerful smartphone

Xiaomi unveiled its new flagship product at World Mobile Congress and made big claims about the company’s own future

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:O Emojis are killing our phones

Having trouble with your smartphone? The problem probably isn’t the hardware: it’s more likely to be you

LG wants you to buy Friends with its G5 smartphone

LG has unveiled its new G5 smartphone, its first handset to feature a modular design