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Top 5 data issues haunting your CIO

As data becomes increasingly commoditised, CIOs face mounting pressure to protect their customers’ information. We look at five of the most pressing issues CIOs should consider when identifying potential data centre partners

Kaspersky Lab set to leave Russia in a bid to “increase its transparency”

Russian antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab aims to relocate the majority of its operations to Switzerland by the end of next year, as the company seeks to soothe fears that its products are being used to spy on users

Apple set to build first China-based data centre as regulations harshen

The tech giant has been forced to build its first data centre in China in order to meet the country’s new cybersecurity laws

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Can it beat Blu-ray? Sony and Panasonic unveil Archival Disc

Electronic giants Sony and Panasonic have announced the successor to Blu-ray, following an agreement by the companies last year to jointly develop the next generation of optical media storage

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