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It’s the end of China’s investment age

The Chinese economy is slowing down, creating deflationary headwinds for the global economy and holding back financial recovery

Google Glass: the post-mortem

Google Glass was the most hotly anticipated invention of last year – until it flopped and was shelved. Laura French looks at what went wrong

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Shadow banking grows thanks to distracted regulators

Akin to the effects of Prohibition in the 1930s, stricter controls on the banking industry have resulted in institutions moving into the troubling world of shadow banking

Compassion can be fostered in our species, and economic models

Mainstream economic models, built as they are on selfish behaviour, are inadequate to deal with the world’s most pressing problems. Happily, research suggests we can train ourselves to care as much about each other as we do about money

Net neutrality got Facebook and Google to the top. Let’s not lose it

Revised rules for net neutrality threaten innovation, freedom of speech and the very principles upon which the World Wide Web was built

Enough hating, unified Europe is what we need for economic growth

The EU is unpopular with European voters, but if national politicians don’t stop using it as a scapegoat, says Aaran Fronda, they risk throwing away economic recovery

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The result of revolution

Blaming Egypt’s economic plight on the revolution might be misconstrued, but given the circumstances citizens continue to endure, you can see the crux of the argument

Taking a chunk out of Apple

While shareholder demands for Apple to distribute cash have been dismissed as short-termism, they may be in Apple’s best interests

Can’t we all just get along?

Why is it we can find the Higgs boson, but can’t fix the euro? Is international cooperation only possible when the end results mean nothing?

Horse meat scandal: the long face of toxic regulations

European consumers were alerted to their ignorance by the horse meat scandal. But this isn’t the first time complex systems have failed

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Safeguarding the future

After accessing the achievements of the first range of UN Millennium Development Goals, what else can be done to help those in need in the future?

Industries trade places

Facilitating economic growth is proving to be an arduous task for nations; yet moving trade obstructions could spark improvement