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The cases for and against artificial meat

Chicken and fish are the food of the poor. As people become richer, they want lamb and beef and pork. Is artificial meat the best answer to this posher demand?

Is there any point sending whisky into space?

Japanese manufacturer Suntory is sending whisky into space. To some, it’s the latest exciting development in prestige drink. To others, it’s a waste of resources and alcohol

Has mobile gaming lost its moral antenna?

Out of nowhere, mobile games have become a multibillion-dollar industry, but they are controversial. For everyone who finds them a handy bit of escapism, there’s someone else who thinks they’re exploitative

Making waves in the debate around artificial reefs

Artificial reefs are a way of protecting nature that can, if not planned carefully, damage it. They are a crude unbalancing of marine biology that attracts thousands of tourists. They are, in short, a bit controversial

The case for and against farming subsidies

Farming subsidies are a controversial issue. Their proponents argue they are necessary to protect local producers and food security: others call them wealth enablers that go against the spirit of a free market economy

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The driverless car: a bright or dystopian future ahead?

Autonomous cars are already being tested on public roads in the US. For the sick, infirm and incompetent, it’s a boon: for others, it’s a sign our reliance on computers is out of control

The case for and against wearable technology

It’s predicted smartwatches and optical head-mounted displays will go mainstream this year. Is this the next way in which digital devices will make our lives better, or another example of how personal privacy is being eroded?

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Sex, drugs and your new job role

Interviewers are increasingly likely to check out candidates’ social media profiles. It’s a controversial practice, but is it justified?

The salmon of doubt

Supporters of GM foods claim they will help reduce the global food shortage: Anti-GM campaigners claim they’re both dangerous and profit-driven