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SoftBank invests $20bn in India solar energy

SoftBank is to take part in a plan to deliver 20GW of solar capacity and set India on its way to becoming a leader in the renewables market

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The rumour was true! Hanergy is under investigation

Despite a reputation for inaction, the SFC has announced a probe into China’s largest solar power company

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Solar Impulse 2 aims to prove the future of flight is photovoltaic

Next May, Solar Impulse 2 will hopefully become the first solar-powered plane to circumnavigate the globe. This feat of modern engineering hopes to prove that photovoltaic power is the future of air travel and sustainable transport

Technology’s biggest flops (and why solar roadways are set to join them)

Solar panel highways are a novel idea but distract from what’s important – boosting solar efficiency – says Oscar Rousseau

Ivanpah: the world’s largest solar farm opens in California

The world’s largest solar farm, Ivanpah, is set to open in California later this week – proof that solar power continues to see heavy investment in the US despite reductions in government subsidies and a series of market failures

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Businesses turn to affordable, accessible solar energy

A lot has been made of the benefits solar energy can bring to homes in terms of saving money and reducing bills., but businesses should make the switch too

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Dr Khalid Klefeekh Al Hajri | Qatar Solar Technologies | Video

The New Economy interviews Dr Khalid Klefeekh Al Hajri, Chairman and CEO of Qatar Solar Technologies, on Qatar’s commitment to solar energy

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BBSRC: Man-made photosynthesis possible

Researchers believe that simulating photosynthesis should not be a written off as completely implausible

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Ahmed Al-Ozairi on renewable energy | Life Energy | Video

The New Economy interviews Ahmed Al-Ozairi, CEO of Life Energy, on the business case for renewables in the Middle East

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Clemens Miller on green glass | NSG Group | Video

The New Economy interviews Clemens Miller, Vice President of Commercial and Solar Energy Products at NSG Group, on the green potential of glass

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Jorge Martins on solar power | Martifer Group | Video

The New Economy interviews Jorge Martins, CEO of Martifer Group, on solar power and microgeneration

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Terry Wang on solar energy | Trina Solar | Video

The New Economy interviews Terry Wang, CFO of Trina Solar, on excellence and endurance in energy

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