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Samsung halts production as ‘fixed’ Galaxy Note 7 devices continue to ignite

As reports flood in of replacement Galaxy Note 7s still catching fire, Samsung is temporarily halting the production of its flagship phablet

Samsung Pay launches in China

Samsung has entered the Chinese mobile payments market in a bid to boost its reputation in the country

Samsung is getting over its Chinese burn

After its market share plunged in China, Samsung’s mobile chief says his company’s fortunes are about to turn around

Samsung Pay opens – a rival to Apple Pay

Samsung has released its own mobile payment service to rival Apple Pay, and believes that its expansive coverage could lend it the upper hand

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Micromax overtakes Samsung in Indian phone market

Samsung has been ousted as the largest seller of smartphones in India by domestic vendor Micromax for the first time

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Samsung to invest $100m to advance Internet of Things

Samsung CEO Boo Keun Yoon has pledged $100m to make an open system for its hardware in a bid to hasten the impending Internet of Things revolution

Samsung’s profits fall again as smartphone market declines

A slowing smartphone market combined with a strong Korean currency and the rise of local competitors has cut Samsung’s profits for a third consecutive quarter

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Samsung Chairman’s heart attack puts company at crossroads

The sudden illness of Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-Hee has sparked speculation about who will succeed him, and what direction the electronics giant will take

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Apple-Samsung patent case reaches billion-dollar height

In the latest of patent infringement cases between Apple and Samsung, Apple is now claiming $2.2bn in damages following expert testimony

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Game of Phones: tech kings clash in smartphone patent wars

Across the US and Europe, smartphone manufacturers have been locked in battle over patent disputes, with some of the most prolific cases revolving around Samsung and Apple. As damages reach into the billions, Selwyn Parker surveys the carnage

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Samsung unveils bendable TV

Samsung’s innovative new television set was revealed at CES 2014 trade show, but there are doubts over the need for such technology

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Smart marketing: losing money to make money

Make the customer spend more by making them think they’re spending less. Used correctly, loss leaders are a brilliant business ploy

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