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IBM explains the three tenets of cloud technology

The decisions businesses are now making about their cloud infrastructure will shape their architectures and strategies moving forward. IBM Cloud enables businesses to access the incredible value hidden within their vast reserves of data — yielding information and insights that can enable them to make smarter decisions, faster than ever before

How are cloud and cognitive strategies evolving?

GM of IBM Europe, Sebastian Krause explains how cognitive cloud strategies are evolving and how they might be utilised by a business.

How can wearables solve problems of the future?

Wearable technology is developing at an exponential rate – what innovation can we expect in the future?

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Mobile World Congress 2016: IBM – The cognitive era is upon us

2015 was a landmark year for the discussion around artificial intelligence and its potential impact on business and society. Now in 2016 we are very much part of the cognitive era

The PR stunts worth more than the products they’re selling

Tech companies love nothing more than a grandiose display of their equipment, but the show is often more valuable than the technology

Never underestimate the threat of cybersecurity attacks

It’s a false economy for businesses to scrimp on their cybersecurity. A holistic approach is what’s need to guarantee computer safety, and much more

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IBM and Apple team up to transform healthcare

Agreement with Apple and leading health-device manufacturers could revolutionise healthcare

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In bed with Big Brother: Apple and IBM form strategic alliance

Strategic alliances may be trumpeted as offering companies huge opportunities, but they’re sometimes just the last throw of the dice by firms in need of fresh ideas

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10 inventions that began life as science fiction

It’s hard to believe that voice control, the internet and organ transplants were all inspired by science fiction

Cutting costs: IBM bosses to forgo bonuses after poor results

IBM’s executives will be denied their bonuses for last year, in the wake of what has proved to be consistently poor performance. The company is investing heavily in cloud computing in a bid to boost profits

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Adopting a digital strategy

Businesses are desperate to align themselves with the latest digital touchpoints. To reap the rewards, they must adopt a consistent and sustainable strategy

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IBM shows faith, invests in Kenya

American tech giant shows faith in East African technology industry with launch of research lab

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