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Hybrid vs electric futures

Hybrid versus electric vehicles – the automotive industry is engaged in a battle that could shape the future of transport

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Enterprise Architect sets new standards

We speak to Ken Harkin from Sparx Systems about the company’s commitment to standards development through its Enterprise Architect technology

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Driverless cars break market

Google’s fleet of driverless cars has covered 300,000 miles – the equivalent of 12 times around the globe. Showing that autonomous vehicles can be safer than humans, they have only suffered one accident. And that was while a human was controlling the car

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The new map of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is expectant. A fresh new wave of internet-based startups are attracting investor’s attention and changing the way we do business online. Rita Lobo takes a closer look at the companies in demand

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The wastewater solution

As worldwide water supplies run dangerously low, nations are looking to ingenious solutions to stem the possibility of a disastrous global drought

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Banking disunion threatens EU

Europe’s financial system relies on cooperation among banks, writes Professor Xavier Vives

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Twitter hopes you’ll pay to be trendy

Twitter broadcast first TV advert highlighting the launch of a new sponsored events page that aims to harness trending tweets

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The Ponzi palaver: the top 5 schemes

Being charmed by financial service representatives is not a new phenomenon. But when they’re overselling the shop, there can be many losers

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The technology behind sports marketing

To heighten their appeal and lure in new customers, competitive sports brands are turning to high-tech solutions and lucrative sponsorship deals to win the day

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Portugal’s reforms

As much of Europe braces itself for a tough future, Portugal is embracing greater output

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Public sector bonus culture overlooked

The idea that bonuses are limited to private sector exuberance appears to be something of a myth, as many of Europe’s public sector are also rewarded in this way

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Steel industry built to last

Global steel markets go from strength to strength, as investors look for a new safe haven

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