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Microsoft boosts green energy portfolio with General Electric agreement

The partnership between Microsoft and GE will see the two companies work together to support wind energy and battery storage technology in Ireland

Saudi Aramco and General Electric announce joint wind turbine venture

Saudi Aramco announces plans to install its first wind turbine in Saudi Arabia, which will be up and running by January 2017

3D printing start-up secures $81m in new funding

Carbon is set to bring 3D printing to the mass production market with investments from big name manufacturers

General Electric invests $1.4bn in 3D printing

In acquiring two of Europe’s most promising 3D printing companies, US tech giant General Electric hopes to dominate the market for jet engine parts over the next few years

GE is moving to Boston

GE has announced plans to move its corporate headquarters to Boston as part of the company’s digital transformation

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General Electric bids $16.9bn for Alstom – but France blocks deal

The French government has opposed GE’s intentions to takeover Alstom. Officials say they would favour a more “balanced partnership” between the two firms

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