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Finovate Europe returns to London

Leading innovators from around the globe will gather in London this month to exchange ideas at 2016’s Finovate Europe

JPMorgan has its own blockchain project

Banks may have been contemptuous of bitcoin, but that’s changing as they realise how much time and money they could save with blockchain

Deutsche Bank to make online banking safer than ever before

Rather than use passwords, Deutsche Bank is developing an easier, yet safer, technology for online banking users

JPMorgan to enter mobile wallet market

JPMorgan’s Chase Pay is late to the mobile wallet market, although the service boasts a number of key advantages over its competitors

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Blockchain comes to the financial services industry

UBS is taking the lead in finding a place for blockchain in financial services. We spoke to Alex Batlin, Crypto 2.0 Pathfinder Programme Lead at the bank

Blockchain’s technology has far-reaching implications

Blockchain, the technology that underpins Bitcoin, has the potential to solve one of humanity’s oldest problems

Goldman Sachs launches new encrypted messenger service

In an attempt to break away from the Bloomberg terminal, top banks have launched a new messaging service for financial institutions

Horse meat scandal: the long face of toxic regulations

European consumers were alerted to their ignorance by the horse meat scandal. But this isn’t the first time complex systems have failed

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