One step ahead of the rest

Advanced Technology Company is the market leader for healthcare products in Kuwait. CEO Ghassan Mamlouk explains the parts forethought and diversity have played in its success

Advanced Technology Company’s headquarters in Kuwait

Established in 1981, Advanced Technology Company (ATC) designs and builds hospitals and healthcare institutions. It supplies a large range of medical devices and healthcare products, and complements its offerings with state of the art after-sales services.

ATC can provide up to 95 percent of the equipment requirements of any hospital

Today, ATC is seen as the forerunner of the market, catering to a well-built client base, supported by an agency network of world-renowned manufacturers and suppliers, and manned by a professional team of over 600 multinational employees.

Looking ahead, ATC will continue to emphasise innovation in response to the rapid changes in customers’ requirements and market conditions, while fulfilling its commitment to excellence in services and value to its stakeholders.

Our achievements
ATC was listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) in 2007. With KWD15m (approximately $53m) in paid-up capital, ATC reported total assets of $350m. Revenues from yearly sales and services reached $235m in 2012. In addition, the company boasts a number of achievements:

  •  ISO 9001 certified: ATC was the first medical company in the region to obtain ISO 9002 certification – recognition of the quality of service it provides. This year, the company has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification with Bureau Veritas.
  • Market leader: ATC is an established player in Kuwait’s medical equipment industry. With a market share of approximately 40 percent, it is the leader in the overall equipment market in the country.
  • One-stop shopping: ATC can provide up to 95 percent of the equipment requirements of any hospital, including turnkey projects. The company is positioned as an ‘end-to-end’ solutions provider for the healthcare sector, with services ranging from the design and construction of medical facilities to the supply and maintenance of equipment.
  • After-sales services: With a diversified products portfolio representing the leading global suppliers for each category, ATC provides quality after-sales services to its end users. Around the clock service and continuous staff training are among the factors contributing to our service delivery standards.
  • Revenue and net profit: ATC’s remarkable revenues growth and net profit are supported by contributions from both the government and the private sector, to keep Kuwait healthcare modernised and current.
  • Management and relationships: Since its inception, ATC has been focused on building long-term relationships with its stakeholders. The company has cultivated strong relationships by providing high-quality services to its customers and establishing commitment to its stakeholders. Low employee turnover has also contributed to its well-established position.

Changing position
ATC differentiates itself by providing healthcare solutions that are a step ahead of its competitors. They are supported by an operation and structure driven by an expanding vision and a strong selection of global partners – ones that are committed to its shared values and respectful of their cultural differences.

The company understands the vital role it is filling in the market today. It also understands its position in the ‘value proposition cycle’: what is expected of ATC and what ATC expects from its network to ensure its ability to deliver healthcare that makes a difference.

ATC worked successfully with its clients to reset the benchmarks of healthcare delivery, and walked away from the normality that had exhausted the system and limited the advancement of services for years. Its projects and services are a testament to the vision and commitment that it put forward, as well as the path it has chosen to take.

All under one roof

ATC has positioned itself as an end-to-end solutions provider, supplying:

  • Diagnostic and imaging systems
  • Biomedical devices and solutions
  • Medical and surgical operating room solutions
  • Laboratory equipment and reagents
  • Sterilisation, medical furniture and physiotherapy
  • Dental material and equipment
  • Information technology and infrastructure solutions
  • Industrial kitchens and laundry
  • Pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural and veterinary consumables
  • Scientific, environmental and medical waste systems
  • Operations, contracts and supplier affairs
  • Point-of-care and therapy systems
  • Security systems and CCTV
  • Project management
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