Meza Dental brings smiles to Europe

Meza Dental has announced it is exploring the European market, and seeks to duplicate its successful flagship business

Dr Alberto Meza in his clinic in Costa Rica. Dr Meza now has plans to expand his brand in Europe

Meza Dental has proven over the past 20 years it can serve the high-end dental market out of its Costa Rica locale, and it can perform as well as the top dental clinics in Hollywood, New York City and Miami.

Dr Alberto Meza, Founder and Director, has been a popular alternative for North Americans for years, but lately more Europeans are competing for space in his dental chairs. In order to quench this demand for his services, Dr Meza is considering opening another office in London or in other accessible gateway cities in Europe.

A continuous flow of success stories and media attention by the major news networks have placed Meza high on
the charts

Meza Dental has not only conquered the stigma of serving overseas customers, it has proven it can cross cultural boundaries using smiles as a common denominator. The clinic treats patients who simply seek the best quality dental care available, and those with limited incomes who can’t afford quality dental care in their own country.

It appears Meza is trying to become the Carnival Cruise Line, or more aptly the Windstar, of upscale dentistry. It is doing so by scripting its business processes, employing an extensive list of protocols (that enable all Meza dentists to deliver extraordinary results time after time), and delivering exceptional treatment, service and care. This is what makes Meza both scalable and franchisable.

Reflecting on an incredible journey
Dr Meza recalls sitting in his room while studying in the US and thinking, “the
prices here are crazy! How can people afford to have any dental work done in the US? One day, I hope to open up a clinic in my home country and give everyone a beautiful smile, at a reasonable cost.”

Well, that’s exactly what he did. And it turned out to be a success story beyond his wildest dreams. Dr Meza is now revered by his peers as a leader in dental tourism, and as one of the most successful dentists in the Western Hemisphere. A continuous flow of success stories and media attention by the major news networks have placed Meza high on the charts.

His clinic has seen steady growth for more than 15 years, and even though there were some rough seas along the way, his crew has faced every storm straight on. And it has made Dr Meza’s staff, its clinic and the dental results it delivers extremely impressive.

But success has not spoiled Dr Meza. He has maintained a sense of humility, and doesn’t rest on his laurels. Perhaps this is why Meza’s numbers are off the chart for employee satisfaction, social responsiveness and patient satisfaction. Fortunately for Meza, savvy investors know these metrics translate into big profits, so expansion is just a matter of time and finding the right partner(s).

Many predicted the international waters would be too choppy for a vessel like Meza, but it has stayed the course. In fact, this unsuspecting crew has proven they can ride the crest of the waves, help raise the tide for other dental care providers in their marketplace, and make their patients feel like they are being pampered on the QE2.

And while Meza patients tend to be very private people, they are pleased to come out on deck and share the gift that keeps on giving – their incredible Meza smiles. Ask those who know, and they will tell you Meza smiles are like beautiful flags that are flown proudly around the world.

Running a tight ship
Dr Meza runs what may be referred to as the tightest ship in the dental tourism business. His clinic strives to be the “most improved” clinic each and every year, and appears to succeed at doing so. It does this by employing the fundamental tenets of continuous improvement.

The Meza Dental Care clinic attracts Hollywood stars and fashion models
The Meza Dental Care clinic attracts Hollywood stars and fashion models

Also, Meza has learned that practicing cosmetic dentistry is like piloting an aeroplane or a large vessel – checklists matter. And cosmetic dentists, like pilots and captains, know there’s very little room for errors in their trades. And they know passengers and patients alike are often critical and unforgiving of even the smallest errors.

Obviously, you can feel a bad docking or when waves break over the rails of your ship due to piloting errors, but when your dentist makes a mistake, you really feel it. Added to that, dental errors are often visible and affect one of the most important things you have – your smile.

And that’s the reality in dentistry – there is no hiding in the pilot house or cockpit. For better or worse, the results are there for you and others to see each and every day. Not so easily forgotten as a shaky landing or a poor docking. For this reason, sound protocols are essential to deliver “the goods” as they should be delivered.

And no one knows this better than Dr Meza and his staff. They prepare their clinic like they are getting ready to participate in the World Cup of Sailing or, more fittingly, the Dental Olympics. And most patients leave the dental chair with a perfect smile and rate Meza a 10 for service.

Travelling the Seven Seas
Today, dental tourism is a well-known and accepted alternative for people who can’t afford dental care in their own countries. But travelling abroad hasn’t always been such an easy choice for people to make. There have been concerns of quality of care, security in an unfamiliar country, and what happens if things don’t turn out as desired or expected.

Over time, these fears have been put to rest in grand part due to the track record of clinics like Meza. For years, people travelled to Costa Rica to save money, but Meza’s clientele these days are those who seek the best treatment, regardless of the cost. And if Meza lands the right partner or investor, there will be many more people with something to smile about in Europe.

Smooth sailing
One may ask how Dr Meza has been able to navigate such tricky waters. That’s easy. He has employed successful methodologies and protocols from top players in his field and others. This helps Meza differentiate its offerings and outperform its competitors, and has made Meza a household name in dental tourism.

“The King of Crowns”, as one of his employees affectionately refers to Dr Meza, recognised early in the game the value of setting high standards. That is why he studied Cosmetic Dentistry at UCLA, arguably the best dental school in the business. Then, he began working towards accreditation by the premiere authority in cosmetic dentistry, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD). Now, his crew of dentists has completed, or is working towards, the same education and accreditation.

Meza has also been approved by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This was no small undertaking as the requirements are very stringent. Most clinics will never stand a chance at being approved, and Meza is proud of its latest achievement.

Celestial navigation
Dr Meza has learned there is a market for both his brand and for his specialty. Today, it is not uncommon to see Hollywood stars or fashion models in his waiting room. But it is more than just his technical skills and talented hands that keep these VIPs washing up on his shores in search of the perfect smile. It’s the people and processes behind the scenes that keep clients coming back and referring others.

To this end, Meza continues to hire the best talent available. In addition to its growing list of UCLA graduates, it boasts professionals from the crème-de-la-crème of medical universities, including Johns Hopkins and New York University. And as if that’s not enough, most of its dental assistants are dentists (DDSs) too.

A firm commitment to being the best it can be helps Meza deliver a level of service and dental restorations that other dental clinics cannot, and keeps it way ahead of the competition. Every time someone tries to follow in his wake, Dr Meza changes his sailing shoes or resets his spinnaker and soars ahead.

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