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A British design firm has big plans for its latest project. Out of fashion for 80 years, the airship could be about to rise again

Hybrid colossus takes to the sky

A British design firm has big plans for its latest project. Out of fashion for 80 years, the airship could be about to rise again

Social network participation among Fortune 500 CEOs Positive trends point to a US embrace of solar power

Cleantech & New Energy Awards 2012

Winners of the Cleantech & New Energy Awards 2012



Best Clean Energy Company, Australasia/Pacific
Verve Energy

Best Renewable Energy Company, Australasia/Pacific
Trina Solar

Best Emerging Renewable Energy Company, Australasia/Pacific

Best Clean Energy Investor, Australasia/Pacific
Tsing Capital

Excellence in Innovation, Australasia/Pacific
Solar Sailor

Best CEO, Australasia/Pacific
Jifan Gao, Trina Solar



Best Clean Energy Company, Europe

Best Renewable Energy Company, Europe

Best Emerging Renewable Energy Company, Europe
iRES Enerji

Best Clean Energy Investor, Europe
Goldman Sachs

Exellence in Innovation, Europe
DESERTEC Foundation

Best CEO, Europe
Thiemo Gropp, DESERTEC Foundation


Middle East/Africa

Best Clean Energy Company, Middle East/Africa

Best Renewable Energy Company, Middle East/Africa

Best Emerging Renewable Energy Company, Middle East/Africa
Qatar Solar Technologies | Watch the award presentation

Best Clean Energy Investor, Middle East/Africa

Excellence in Innovation, Middle East/Africa
Tigi Solar

Best CEO, Middle East/Africa
Omran Al Kuwari, Green Gulf


North America

Best Clean Energy Company, North America
Next Era Energy

Best Renewable Energy Company, North America
First Solar

Best Emerging Renewable Energy Company, North America

Best Clean Energy Investor, North America
Goldman Sachs

Excellence in Innovation, North America

Best CEO, North America
Lyndon Rive, SolarCity


South America

Best Clean Energy Company, South America

Best Renewable Energy Company, South America
Renova Energia

Best Emerging Renewable Energy Company, South America

Best Clean Energy Investor, South America

Excellence in Innovation, South America

Best CEO, South America
Mathias Becker, Renova Energia