Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

IBM: Innovative platform architecture is the lynchpin for cloud and AI integration in business today

Boas Betzler explains how the architecture of platform is key in the digital revolution

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Ag Innovation Showcase Presents: Smart Vision Works

BreAnn Washburn’s machine learning software is teaching robots how to sort fruit

Ag Innovation Showcase Presents: KoolMill Systems

Alec Anderson is improving the efficiency of rice processing

Ag Innovation Showcase Presents: Kaiima Bio-Agritech

Avi Maidenberg explains how Kaiima helps seedbanks expand their genetic diversity

How are cloud and cognitive strategies evolving?

GM of IBM Europe, Sebastian Krause explains how cognitive cloud strategies are evolving and how they might be utilised by a business.

Do persistent stress granules point the way to a treatment for ALS?

Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals’ latest research offers new hope to ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative disease patients

Burying bins: How Molok’s vertical waste management swept the globe

Molok founder Veikko Salli and CEO Marja Hillis tell their story – from a litter-strewn hotel in Finland to a multinational business

Gold-standard lupus treatment Lupuzor begins phase III trial

Drug developer ImmuPharma successfully raises £8.4m to fund final trial of breakthrough lupus treatment

Growing more, using less: how does software crop management work?

Combining software and smart machines is helping farmers achieve triple bottom line results

What is Precision Land Management, and how will it feed the future?

We explore the latest innovation transforming one of the world’s oldest industries: farming

How big is wine’s carbon footprint, and how can technology reduce it?

In the third part of our agricultural innovation series, we explore sustainable viticulture

How the $22bn fintech sector can change finance as we know it

Susanne Chishti, CEO of angel investor network FinTech Circle, on financial technology innovation

Microsoft lead on monetising the Internet of Things

Steve Dunbar explains where the money is in IoT at the Wearable Technology Show