iPad’s future looks diverse, promising

The iPad is Apple’s ultra thin tablet that allows users to access emails, internet and a wide range of apps, making everyday life both easier and more entertaining. The device is based on the same technology as the iPhone, providing users with a highly responsive, high-resolution multi-touch screen. The iPad is both light and thin, making it easy to carry around and comfortable to hold. With ten hours of battery life, the device can be used throughout the day without the need to recharge

Bluefire Reader
eBooks are big business these days, and the Bluefire Reader app provides iPad owners with a method of reading their electronic literature on the Apple tablet. The app can read a multitude of eBook formats, giving users more freedom when purchasing literature and negating the need to buy a separate reader for certain formats. The app allows users to fully customise their display settings so that their reading experience can be tailored to their individual needs.

Inspire Pro
This app has been designed to appeal to artists of all abilities. The app is unique in that it simulates the look of wet oil paint on a canvas. Users are provided with a canvas and five brush-types with changeable sizes, and fully customisable blending effects. When a work of art is finished, it can be stored in the iPad’s photo library, or shared via email. This app is ideal for those who do not have much confidence in their own artistic abilities – if you don’t like your creation, it can simply be deleted.

Live TV App
Verizon has plans to launch an app for the iPad that will allow users to access TV content via the internet, and then stream it directly to the iPad. The company is still working on obtaining the rights to various TV shows, but is on track to launch a scaled-down version of the project in the first half of 2011. This app will be ideal for people on the go who like to catch up on their favourite programmes.

Office 2011
Rumours abound, but Office 2011 for the iPad is reported to be in its early planning phase. As users increasingly turn to the iPad for work-related activities, demand for Office software on the tablet has continued to grow. Early release versions of Office 2011 suggest that some of the problems encountered in previous versions have been ironed out. The latest release has increased the number of web apps available that allow users to communicate and share data more easily with colleagues – Office 2011 for the iPad would be ideal for employees that rely on Apple’s tablet in their day-to-day role.

The Mini iPad
There are reports that a mini iPad is due to be launched in the early part of 2011, featuring a screen size of between five and seven inches, as opposed to the ten inches of the standard model. This smaller version will be marketed at a slightly different target audience; mainly users looking for an affordable eReader or other such portable device. While the current iPad model is a portable device, it is hardly pocket sized. A smaller version would ultimately attract a wider user base.