A perfect solution – Skross travel adapters

A Swiss manufacturer of international travel adapters and USB chargers is helping to make traveller’s lives that much easier

It can be hugely frustrating to be unable to make the most of your surroundings due to a lack of energy to power devices. Many business travellers face this problem on a daily basis, as they require adequate access to power for their electronic equipment and devices everywhere and at any time – irrespective of local standards for plugs and sockets.

SKROSS, a Swiss company, has set itself the task to ensure this vision is realised simply, reliably and safely with multifunctional world adapters and USB chargers for worldwide use in more than 150 countries.

In 2000, Walter Ruffner, sports enthusiast and proprietor of a Swiss plastic injection moulding company, rewarded himself with a trip to the Australian summer Olympics. However, his stay was overshadowed by the fact that throughout Sydney he could not find a suitable travel adapter for his laptop. Ruffner could not understand that this problem could not be solved simply – a problem which all frequent travellers have encountered at least once. Back in Switzerland, he embarked on the development of a compact world adapter which could be used for travelling all over the world. Two years later, WorldConnect AG, a company co∞founded by Ruffner, introduced the very first adapter for international use to the market. Today, SKROSS products can be purchased worldwide in more than 100 countries.

Safe, compact, stylish
Since the creation of WorldConnect AG – smart, innovative and multifunctional Swiss∞quality travel adapters and USB chargers have been produced under the SKROSS brand name. Designed for travellers from all over the world, they ensure unlimited freedom for using all types of electronic equipment and devices around the globe. Thanks to their innovative all∞in∞one country slider system, SKROSS patented originals are uniquely compact and hugely practical. Nevertheless, they meet all relevant international safety regulations.

Christian Ernst, WorldConnect AG CEO, outlines the corporation’s philosophy: “From the very beginning, safety was our top priority. In the market, this clearly sets us apart from cheap products from the Far East. Our entire development and production process aims at providing not only a compact and versatile product, but also a product which, above all, complies with country-specific safety standards. This ensures user safety and proper functioning of all devices.”

Despite their extremely compact design, SKROSS travel adapters and USB chargers are uniquely designed to give off a striking appearance. As a result, SKROSS products are highly commended in terms of functionality, performance and innovation at numerous international design competitions. Among others, the World Adapter Pro+ received the renowned reddot ‘Design Award’.

All-in-one system
The world adapters and USB chargers which can be used all over the world are based on a clever, patented country slider system. Depending on the travel destination, the required plug is extended on the underside of the device. Six different plug systems meet the safety and power standards of more than 150 countries worldwide.

Developed for 2-pole devices, the World Adapter Classic and World Adapter Evo adaptors – as well as the World Adapter Pro+ for 2-pole and 3-pole devices – have an additional sophisticated top side. This allows devices from all over the world to be used, and it gives unlimited freedom to travellers. Whether you are a business traveller from London in Las Vegas or a Swiss traveller visiting the summer Olympics in Great Britain, SKROSS products are the best choice for a traveller’s portable energy needs.

New SKROSS innovations follow the latest trend for using devices which are operated or charged via a USB cable. All World Adapter products are therefore available as USB versions. With its World USB Charger, SKROSS even offers an independent USB charger for global use. Simple and limitless: charging devices abroad has never been easier.

Full of energy
SKROSS is convinced that it can offer the perfect solution for all kinds of travellers. No matter if it is for the globe-trotting road warrior or the holiday home owner in Tuscany. Anyone can potentially find the perfect adapter for her or his respective needs.

The SKROSS World Adapter Classic and World Adapter EVO are perfect for those who travel light and use small, non-earthed devices such as digital cameras, smartphones and MP3 players. Since most of these smaller devices offer the possibility to be charged via a USB cable, both the Classic and EVO are available with a interchangeable USB charger top which converts the world adapters to global USB chargers.

For those travelling with devices equipped with a earthed plug (hairdryers, hair straighteners, most laptops/netbooks) there is a unique solution available in the World Adapter Plus series of adapters. This line of adapters is the only one in the world that ensures a full earthed pass-through from device to wall socket. In other words: it’s the only adapter in the world that is capable to deal with earthed plugs respecting all relevant safety aspects. Furthermore, the adapters of the Pro series can be equipped with a specially designed USB charger top as well.

For those travelling with USB powered products only, there are smart and compact solutions for those situations. The very compact World USB Charger combines compactness, versatility and power output and is a “must have” companion for any serious globetrotter. Single-country USB chargers such as the EU USB Charger are the modular solution to work together perfectly with all adapters of the Pro series.

The SKROSS adapter range is completed with a wide selection of country adapters. These safe, certified and carefully designed single plug adapters are the most economic solution for point-to-point travellers. If you don’t feel the need for a global adapter, these country∞specific adapters are the safest and most cost-effective solution.

SKROSS products are widely available in many duty free stores around the world. Over 40 global airlines carry them onboard. And if you are not travelling at the moment then you can simply visit the online store at: www.skross.com.