Dr Alfredo Hoyos’ liposuction gives dramatic and desirable results

Dr Alfredo Hoyos has pioneered high-definition liposculpture, giving patients athletic-looking bodies with minimal scarring. His team explain what his procedures can achieve

Dr Hoyos performing high-definition liposculpture. His surgery offers a number of revolutionary treatments to give patients the bodies they've always desired

Alfredo Hoyos, MD is a Colombian plastic surgeon, creator of high-definition liposculpture and other advanced body contour techniques. He is also a painter and sculptor. He combines his techniques with different technologies, such as the ultrasound-assisted VASER, in order to get spectacular results in liposculpture.

Dr Hoyos has extensive experience as a tutor and trainer in VASER high-definition liposculpture. He has written a number of scientific articles and is about to launch a new book, High-definition Body Sculpting, in which he reveals details of his techniques and new technologies in body contouring. Tools and devices have been designed for him and recognised by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

He has changed the concept of body sculpting, creating living artworks of
patient’s bodies

Thanks to his skills in painting and sculpting, Dr Hoyos has a unique vision of the human body. He has changed the concept of body sculpting, creating living artworks of patient’s bodies.

The birth of the HD4 technique
When it comes to our shape, genetics inevitably play a huge role, and many cultural beauty ideals fall into the realm of diminishing returns; they are just not worth the effort. Take six-pack abs, for example: one must train hard and eat carefully to manage them, and, for most of us, it’s just not going to happen.

The high-definition technique is designed to craft and hone the curves, bumps and bulges that make up the idealised aesthetic silhouette. Dr Hoyos says: “Some people are satisfied with simple reduction and reshaping, but for others, who are wanting more, this procedure offers amazing results.” Many individuals are frustrated because the muscles they are exercising are not visible, says Dr Hoyos, while in others there are places where fat would be more appealing, such as the buttocks or hips.

Also, the female body is very different from the male; while in men a six pack, muscles in more squared shapes, and big muscular volume are desirable, in women these features will give the impression of a masculine body. A curvier outline, smooth but with a slight definition in the abs section, is desirable in women: a two-pack.

“After assessing the patient’s body type and discovering what the patient is looking for, the procedures customise accordingly,” Dr Hoyos says. “Each case requires a different mix of fat grafting, liposuction and finer liposculpting techniques. Some will have enough underlying musculature that they do not need fat grafting to reshape muscle, and instead require some liposuction and careful, fine lipolysis to bring out natural shapes”.

A patient before and after their liposculpture procedure
A patient before and after their liposculpture procedure

The newest version of the technique is known as ‘HD4 Lipo’. “We have evolved our technique to account for muscular dynamics, and the fact that people’s shapes change as they age,” says Dr Hoyos. “Muscles are in motion all the time and, if we do not sculpt with that in mind, the outcome will not be as convincing during movement. Also, as we age and lose volume or gain weight, we wish to maintain the natural look.”

Every day, patients ask for more natural but athletic results. That is the requirement that took Dr Hoyos to the next level of liposculpture, searching for incredible results in moderately fit patients: those healthy individuals who are unable to achieve the ideal body. HD4 Lipo was the answer for a lot of patients because it is the only liposuction technique available for moderately fit individuals, that produces ultra-athletic results, and integrates motion into surgical planning to produce natural definition through 360 degrees.

A procedure for every patient
After childbirth, women’s bodies might experience certain changes: some of these can be very subtle, but others can change their physiognomy completely. Women love their babies, but some also don’t like the changes to their bodies that come with pregnancy. Even more, they want to improve their bodies, so they are fitter than they were before, because they want their children to have healthy and beautiful mums.

Dr Hoyos designed two main procedures to fulfil all these mothers’ wishes. For mild to moderate changes, when there is too much skin laxity or stretch marks, a ‘mommy HD4’ is the procedure of choice. This repairs the abdominal muscles that have been over-stretched by the pregnancy through a small incision (less than a C-section scar) and add body contouring to achieve definition. This will erase the stigmata of the post-delivery belly and give a youthful appearance.

In cases where there is too much skin laxity and/or stretch marks, an ‘HD4 tummy tuck’ is the procedure of choice. While a regular abdominoplasty stretches the skin while taking out the extra tissue and stretch marks, the HD4 tummy tuck adds a new belly button and definition: giving the impression of a renewed body, with an athletic appearance, but without the annoying stigmata of surgery. Under a bathing suit, nobody will notice a tummy tuck was performed.

Based on his good experience with international patients in Bogotá, Dr Hoyos is going to open a new office for plastic surgery in Europe. With a team of three other plastic surgeons, Dr Hoyos is bringing high-definition sculpting to Europe. The desirable six-pack (in men) and two-pack (in women) are possible thanks to the investigation and art of Dr Alfredo Hoyos.

For further information contact international@alfredohoyos.com

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