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ACS Power

A pioneer behind the intelligent power grid, ACS Power has maintained its long-standing reputation as an industry leader and trendsetter in smart grid solutions since its foundation in 1975.


By putting big data at the centre of its focus, SAP has created a sophisticated architecture to help organisations manage and give value to large and complex data piles.

Glasgow c/o Invest Glasgow

Scotland has become one of Europe’s life science hubs, and Glasgow an epicentre for biotechnology and increasing science investment.


With years of experience in cyber security, HP provides clients globally with products that actively counter cyber threats, rather than simply reacting to them.

DB Schenker Rail

As the UK’s largest rail freight company, DB Schenker Rail operates over 5,000 trains every month, providing a full range of services for rail freight transportation.


Renowned for its mobile strategy, design and development solutions, WillowTree’s highly experienced teams have helped it to rise quickly to the top of its market.

Gruppo Hera

Since 2002, Gruppo Hera has grown to become the leading combined utilities provider in Italy, operating water, energy, and environmental services throughout the country.


IBM’s cloud services have grown to become an integral part of both consumer and business people’s digital lives, neatly integrating online services and focussing on business.

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

HKSTP has built an ecosystem to connect science and technology companies with academics.


Collaborating with NEC to capitalise on opportunities posed by SDN and NFV for service providers, NetCracker showed why it is a leader in ITand telecoms.


London-based OPS offers a personal touch and an integrated approach to customers, helping them to reduce costs and improve performance to make a lasting impact.


A leader in data centre creation and management, Equinix provides consultancy services across multiple projects, tying together value chains and making the best of systems.