Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

ACS Power

A pioneer behind the intelligent power grid, ACS Power has maintained its long-standing reputation as an industry leader and trendsetter in smart grid solutions since its foundation in 1975.


A leader in data centre creation and management, Equinix provides consultancy services across multiple projects, tying together value chains and making the best of systems.

Kewill and Shop Direct

A partnership between the supply chain software provider Kewill and the digital retailer Shop Direct has resulted in an innovative and streamlined customer shopping experience.


Helping to make user’s internet experience as spam-free as possible, Titan has various products including SpamTitan, which boasts a 99.98 percent spam detection rate.

Mesa, Arizona

Mesa has done more than any municipality in the US to improve conservation efforts, with water conservation a particular success story in the city.


With a global reputation of being a trusted partner for businesses no matter the size, Worldplay also excels in its consistent offerings of user-friendly services.

Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs

IFI is helping the Arab World incorporate policy-related research into its politics and decision-making.


Known for providing unrivalled customer support, Apple’s Applecare product helps millions of customers’ worldwide get the support they need instantly.


Houston has embarked on a range of environmental initiatives, from a 345-mile interconnected city bikeway, to teaming up with Reliant Energy to boost electric car usage.


Consistently leading the way in hardware, over the years Apple has revolutionised the way people think about technology as an integral piece of their lives.


This internet giant continues todominate others in the online space in terms of its delivery options and online facilities. Amazon’s record on delivery fulfilment is hard to match.


Since launching in 2003, WordPress has become the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world – praised for its accessible software and wide choice of designs.