Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

ACS Power

A pioneer behind the intelligent power grid, ACS Power has maintained its long-standing reputation as an industry leader and trendsetter in smart grid solutions since its foundation in 1975.


Consistently leading the way in hardware, over the years Apple has revolutionised the way people think about technology as an integral piece of their lives.


This internet giant continues todominate others in the online space in terms of its delivery options and online facilities. Amazon’s record on delivery fulfilment is hard to match.


Since launching in 2003, WordPress has become the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world – praised for its accessible software and wide choice of designs.

Interlink Direct

An established distributor of the very best oriental food and beverages in the UK, Interlink Direct has one of the highest market penetrations within the region.


The multinational company that specialises in everything IT-related, Infosys is a leader for those considering a holistic and approachable solution to infrastructure management.

The Edge, Amsterdam

Based in the rapidly developing Zuidas area of Amsterdam, visually stunning building The Edge is regarded as one of the smartest office spaces ever constructed.

Magellan Maritime Services

As the market leader in container trading and leasing, Magellan has been helping to reduce empty transport costs for ocean containers.


Due to a variety of features and a highly rated customer service system, Sky has now become the fastest growing broadband provider in the UK.


AS a global company, Total strives to find new oil and gas reserves, which is vital as consumption threatens to surpass the rate at which new resources can be found.


Based in Singapore, M1 was the first firm to provide a national 4G network, and currently also operates 3G/High Speed Packet Access and 2G networks.


A firm that has been growing with consistent speed and diversity, Lehnkering has set its stall out as an expert and leader in the logistics deliverables field.