Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Park Systems

A global organisation – with offices in more than 30 countries – Park Systems has interests in biological and materials science, data storage, and semiconductors. Innovating in various sectors for more than 25 years, the firm continues to bring new and leading-edge products to its ever-expanding global client base.


A leader in blood component and cellular technologies, Terumo BCT has a unique offering pivotal to the development of therapeutic apheresis and cell processing. With the aim of bettering blood transfusion and cell therapy, the firm’s work is widely considered fundamental to the future of global healthcare.


Immupharma is a growing player in pharmaceuticals, and its team of researchers has shaken up the industry and challenged the traditional regime. The firm has a number of drugs at various stages of development and has demonstrated inventive means of getting those drugs directed toward markets.

Centro Medico ABC

With a plethora of top quality services and outstanding research facilities, as well as cutting-edge technology on site, Centro Medico ABC is well regarded both domestically and internationally. It has highly specialised services to deal with a variety of medical concerns, and provides research into a number of fields.

Dr Alfredo Hoyos, Alfredo Hoyos Clinic

Dr Alfredo Hoyos is a plastic surgeon, painter and sculptor who has defined high-definition liposculpture as a field of medicine this century. With an outstanding success rate, Dr Hoyos uses state-of-the-art techniques that provide reliably impressive results. The clinic has offices in Bogota and Europe.

GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions

From medical imaging, software & IT, patient monitoring and diagnostics to drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and performance improvement solutions, GE Healthcare helps medical professionals deliver high quality, affordable healthcare to patients around the world.

Ingenuity Lab

Researching a number of different areas that could truly benefit from focused scientific investigation, the Ingenuity Lab project is a unique and ambitious venture. The organisation aims to use nanotechnology to make advances in producing clean water, fighting blindness, and developing a number of pivotal vaccines.


Leading the way in optical biopsies with femtosecond lasers, JenLab has been part of a process that could revolutionise the way treatment is carried out. JenLab has a number of substantial clients, from hospitals to large pharmaceutical firms, and has recently collaborated with both NASA and the European Space Agency.

Becton Dickinson and Company

One of the most established firms in the medical technology market, BD creates medical devices, instruments and reagents. With offices across the world, the company makes use of the globe’s very best talents. Over a century old, the firm has led the way in medical development for much of that time.

SynCardia Systems

The producer of the world’s first and only FDA-approved totally artificial heart, which is similar to a heart transplant and provides a temporary bridge for those requiring heart surgery, SynCardia Systems is little over a decade old but has made great strides thanks to its team of leading cardiologists and biomedical engineers.

Meza Dental

In an industry defined by high standards, Meza stands out for its dedication to providing best-in-class dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. A boutique clinic, Meza boasts UCLA-trained, award-winning dentists, top notch accreditations and a continuous improvement regime which helps it lead the way in dental tourism.

Stryker Endoscopy

As a leader in minimally invasive surgery, Stryker offers comprehensive solutions to meet the changing needs of the hi-tech operating room; combining voice activation, infrared imaging and hi-definition video technology with a market-leading data management system. This combination has set a new standard in the sector.