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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

BP to snap up BHP Billiton’s US shale assets

In what the company describes as a “major step forward”, BP will acquire the US shale oil and gas assets of one of the world’s biggest miners, BHP Billiton, for $10.5bn

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Governments are making more Facebook data requests than ever

Facebook’s latest transparency report details the number of government requests for data across 129 countries – and the numbers are on the rise

Chinese telecoms firm to double spending on 5G research

As China races to implement 5G coverage before the US, Chinese telecoms provider ZTE has pledged a research spend of $295.5m a year

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Trump signs executive order to boost US cybersecurity

President Trump has signed an executive order to bolster US cyber security following the theft of millions of documents from government agencies

US vehicle sales defy expectations with highest year on record

Vehicle sales in the US are on a successful streak, with year-on-year increases now maintained for seven years

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The Sun Belt shines for US tech and manufacturing

Stretching the entire width of the US, the Sun Belt has been the country’s biggest post-war success, though the states that comprise it are now moving in different directions

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US and China embroiled in espionage dispute

Chinese military officers accused of spying on a number of prominent US companies, but Beijing claims allegations are “fabricated”

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