Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Nordea: Banks must build bridges to a sustainable future

The financial sector must be transformed to ensure investors are funding the long-term needs of society, says Sasja Beslik

Top five aviation innovations for the future

From Boeing to Branson, these are the top five technological trends that could shape air travel in the near future

Carnival Corporation sets a new sustainability standard in the cruise industry

Though the cruise industry at large has been criticised for its environmental impact, Carnival Corporation is at the forefront of a range of sustainability initiatives

Rolland creates truly sustainable paper, from pulp to production line

Switching to biogas has allowed Rolland to market its recycled paper grades as truly sustainable products, from start to finish

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Growing more, using less: how does software crop management work?

Combining software and smart machines is helping farmers achieve triple bottom line results

What is Precision Land Management, and how will it feed the future?

We explore the latest innovation transforming one of the world’s oldest industries: farming

How big is wine’s carbon footprint, and how can technology reduce it?

In the third part of our agricultural innovation series, we explore sustainable viticulture

Resolute explains how to build a green business

Resolute Forest Products is following through on its strategy of building for the future

Europe leads the way in renewable energy provision

With Germany and Portugal exceeding expectations to run on renewable energy alone for long stretches, Europe can establish itself as a beacon of sustainability for the world

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The shipping industry has dodged a bullet

Ship operators are playing a dangerous game if they wait too long to install exhaust gas scrubbers

Rotterdam’s floating farms reduce environmental harm

Rotterdam has two major assets: its delta location and innovative spirit. Peter van Wingerden, CEO and partner at Beladon, talks to us about a new floating farm project that will combine the two

Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015: Building sustainable cities

Reimagining, redesigning, and rebuilding the cities we live in to be more sustainable will be key to a green future