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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Utrecht: where people come to live happy, healthy lives

We speak to officials from the City of Utrecht to find out how the city is managing a growing population and encouraging healthy lifestyles among its citizens

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Mannheim becomes one of the world’s smartest cities

Gabriele Booth of Stadtmarketing Mannheim lays out some of the technology projects that have put the German city at the forefront of sustainability and smart urban design

Vilnius becomes one of Europe’s smartest cities

Vilnius is one of the most populous and satisfied cities in the Baltic region. Its advancements in lighting, engagement and transport have also made it one of The New Economy’s top smart cities

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The rise of the smart city

We examine the top 20 cities that look the likeliest to drive change in the future, in The New Economy’s Smart Cities 2014

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Utrecht’s competitive edge is taking its economy to new heights

Thanks to a young, talented workforce and a citywide scheme to create a sustainable society, Utrecht has recently been voted the most competitive region in Europe

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The Manhattan of Germany: the innovative Mannheim city

Mannheim: the city that gave us the car, the bicycle and the tractor. Over 100 years later, it is still a centre of invention and progress