Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Baidu launches Apollo self-driving platform

Baidu has announced the launch of its new Apollo platform to develop self-driving technology in collaboration with other firms

Tesla overtakes Ford in market value

Shares in electric car manufacturer Tesla are booming, thanks to record vehicle sales

Intel acquires Mobileye for $15bn

By unveiling plans to acquire autonomous car technology firm Mobileye, Intel is staking an aggressive claim to the market for self-driving rides

Google sues Uber in self-driving car dispute

Uber has been accused of stealing trade secrets and technology from Google’s Waymo self-driving car division

Tesla sets its sights on fully autonomous vehicles by 2017

Electric carmaker Tesla are set to equip all new vehicles with self-driving hardware

Tesla revamps Autopilot

Months after its first fatal crash, Tesla has updated its autopilot technology to make its cars safer than ever

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World’s first self-driving taxis hit Singapore

NuTonomy has rolled out its first batch of self-driving taxis in Singapore, beating global tech giants Uber, Google and Baidu

Ford enters the self-driving car game by targeting ride sharing

Ford is aiming to corner the self-driving car market through commercial ride-sharing apps, and it plans to produce cars free of any manual controls

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BMW partners with Intel and Mobileye

The new partnership aims to bring a completely autonomous vehicle to market by 2021

GM revs up its self-driving ambitions

General Motors moves closer to achieving its automation goals with the planned acquisition of three-year-old start-up Cruise Automation

Self-driving cars will divide the world

The technology industry is making it clear that, in future, you won’t have to drive a car if you don’t want to

US unveils $4bn autonomous vehicle initiative

The Department of Transportation is looking into the regulatory obstacles for self-driving vehicles, and plans to introduce a uniform set of laws for all 50 states