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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Facebook will hire 1,000 employees to control adverts amid Russia investigation

In the wake of a congressional investigation, the world’s largest social network has announced fresh measures to tighten control of the adverts that appear on the platform

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat compete for rights to screen 2018 World Cup

Social media companies are in talks with Fox to buy the rights to screen highlights of the 2018 World Cup in the US

Trump signs executive order to boost US cybersecurity

President Trump has signed an executive order to bolster US cyber security following the theft of millions of documents from government agencies

Google agrees to open up Android to rivals in Russia

Russian authorities force Google to loosen its grip on the Android operating system in a bid to improve competitiveness

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OPEC and Russia freeze oil production

After a meeting in Doha, leading OPEC members and Russia agreed to hold oil production at January levels

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Russia and OPEC to hold talks on oil production cuts

As oil lingers around $30 a barrel, Russia has raised the possibility of production cuts in coordination with OPEC producers

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Russia turns to Nordic neighbour for electricity

Following a deal struck between the two states last year, the bi-directional supply of electricity between Finland to Russia will commence this week

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Russia to build Nigeria’s nuclear plants

Nigeria plans to diversify its energy mix with assistance from Rosatom to construct nuclear power plants for $80bn

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US and Russia race to become energy world leader

The race to become energy world leader is heating up, with the US using its shale gas reserves to topple a Russia hamstrung by the crisis in Ukraine. But will Russia’s trade deal with Asia cement it as top runner?

Russia’s missing economy

There is trouble on the horizon for Mother Russia. The economic outlook is increasingly grim and the president is blaming Europe

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Russia, once a scientific powerhouse, loses standing

Political turmoil, a brain drain of scientists and waning interest have transformed Russia from a nation that launched the first satellite into an increasingly minor player in the world of science, according to a report

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Russia’s Black Sea navy is burden for Ukraine

Russia’s Black Sea fleet might not carry much weight in strict military terms but its presence will burden Ukraine’s future

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