Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Iceland champions the power of geothermal energy for the environment and businesses

With geothermal energy’s potential still not realised, Iceland leads the way in the development of the renewable source, which offers benefits for the environment and businesses alike

Microsoft boosts green energy portfolio with General Electric agreement

The partnership between Microsoft and GE will see the two companies work together to support wind energy and battery storage technology in Ireland

Total accelerates green energy drive with Eren and GreenFlex partnerships

Total has purchased stakes in renewable energy company Eren and energy efficiency company GreenFlex as falling costs make renewable energy alternatives more appealing

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Apple to invest $921m in renewable powered data centre

The US tech giant has announced plans to build a second green energy data centre in Denmark

UK achieves first coal-free day since the Industrial Revolution

In a landmark moment for energy usage, the UK has generated a day’s worth of electricity without using coal

Saudi Aramco and General Electric announce joint wind turbine venture

Saudi Aramco announces plans to install its first wind turbine in Saudi Arabia, which will be up and running by January 2017

Renova Energia’s renewable energy vision for Brazil

For renewable energy company Renova Energia, the future lies in Brazil’s Northeast Region