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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Shares fall as Sanofi announces $11.6bn deal to acquire Bioverativ

French healthcare group Sanofi witnessed a sharp fall in its share price after acquiring biotech company Bioverativ for a premium, but maintains the deal will add to its earnings per share in the current financial year

Chinese cancer drug one step closer to the international market

The China Food and Drink Administration will review a new drug developed by Chi-Med as possible cancer treatment

Thermo Fisher acquires Patheon for $7.2bn

Scientific instruments maker Thermo Fisher has acquired a Dutch drug company in new push towards biopharma manufacturing

Aquinnah offers new hope for ageing brains

The discovery of stress granules and their role in neurodegenerative disease has opened up new possibilities for the treatment of ALS and Alzheimer’s disease, according to Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals

Japan’s Takeda sets aside $15bn for US pharmaceutical acquisitions

Japan’s biggest pharmaceutical company sets its sights on foreign takeovers as it looks to bolster its position in the global drugs market

Gold-standard lupus treatment Lupuzor begins phase III trial

Drug developer ImmuPharma successfully raises £8.4m to fund final trial of breakthrough lupus treatment

Five times technology clashed with the law

Regulation has always struggled to keep pace with technology. Here are five of the biggest clashes between lawmen and innovators

Pharmaceutical giants launch consortium with top universities

Imperial, Cambridge and UCL partner up with industry leaders AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson to advance new treatments

Biggest pharma merger in talks

Pfizer, the US’s biggest pharmaceutical company, has its sights set on another huge takeover

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Immuno-oncology provides hope to cancer patients

Seen as a major breakthrough in cancer treatment, immuno-oncology could be the hope the world has waited for

Is the pharma industry washing its hands of Ebola? | Video

The New Economy speaks to Dr John Ashton, President of the UK Faculty of Public Health, to ask whether the pharmaceutical industry needs to invest more in curing diseases seen to be less profitable

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Pfizer’s increased bid rejected by AstraZeneca board

US pharma giant ups stakes in bid for UK firm; AstraZeneca board rejects offer, while politicians raise concerns over potential job losses