Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Sulzer Pumpen explains how retrofitting trumps the repair/replace dichotomy

By retrofitting existing pumps that no longer meet requirements, Sulzer offers clients a clear path to efficiency, both in terms of production and investment

Chrysaor Shell out on North Sea assets

Anglo-Dutch energy giant Shell has agreed to sell its North Sea oil assets as it continues to reduce its $80bn debt pile

Argentina joins oil and gas companies to invest in multi-billion-dollar shale bounty

Argentina has agreed a $15bn investment deal with companies to boost production in Vaca Muerta, in return for lower labour costs and greater subsidies

China invests $3bn in Malaysian port

Chinese investors have backed the development of Malaysia’s Kuala Linggi International Port, hoping to capitalise on increasing congestion in Singapore

IEA predicts oil demand will not peak by 2040

The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecast that global oil demand will continue to rise beyond initial industry predictions

Could oil put the ‘resource curse’ on Kenya?

Kenya’s move to start drilling and exporting oil will provide a much-needed revenue source, while avoiding the dreaded resource curse

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US oil exports could dramatically change the crude game

Since the start of the shale boom, the US has transitioned from major energy importer to exporter, with worldwide repercussions

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ExxonMobil consortium fined $74bn by High Court of Chad

An ExxonMobil-led oil consortium has been hit with a record-breaking fine in a dispute over unpaid royalties to the central African nation of Chad

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IEA says global oil demand is weakening

The global supply of oil continuing apace, despite demand softening, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest report

Apache Corp makes biggest energy find in a decade

A significant discovery in West Texas’ Permain Basin has revealed Apache Corporation could be sitting on three billion barrels of oil

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BP profits down as low oil prices continue to sting

Second-quarter profits at oil giant BP have almost halved in a year, following a plummet in global oil prices and weak refining margins

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ExxonMobil enters bidding war for InterOil

ExxonMobil’s bid for control of InterOil has made it an intriguing three-horse race, with Total and Oil Search the other two players

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