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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

The life of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died aged 65. He was a celebrated figure in the technology sector, both for his programming nous and his remarkable philanthropy

Microsoft boosts green energy portfolio with General Electric agreement

The partnership between Microsoft and GE will see the two companies work together to support wind energy and battery storage technology in Ireland

Microsoft advances in the cloud computing space with latest acquisition

Microsoft’s purchase of Cycle Computing could see high-performance applications move from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services to Microsoft’s Azure platform

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Microsoft announces South African data centres

Microsoft’s planned data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town are designed to tap South Africa’s growing cloud storage market

Speech recognition software now as good as humans

Microsoft has announced it has developed speech recognition software that is as accurate as a professional transcriptionist

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Why Microsoft’s $26bn purchase of LinkedIn makes perfect sense

In the company’s biggest ever deal, Microsoft is about to buy LinkedIn for a staggering $26bn. By connecting itself with LinkedIn’s network of 433 million professionals, Microsoft could soon see a surge in sales, marketing and recruiting services

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Windows phone needs Android apps, says ex-Microsoft CEO

Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer believes that the missing ingredient to make the Windows phone a success is Android application compatibility

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Cortana: the not-so-intelligent PA embarrasses Microsoft CEO

The press event was meant to demonstrate the processing prowess of Microsoft’s digital personal assistant, but Cortana didn’t want to play ball

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Nokia refuses to give up on its mobile business

The storied Nokia brand has hinted at a return to mobile, though only in partnership with a “world-class partner”

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Microsoft makes job cuts as Nokia mobile unit suffers

Microsoft has announced that it will write down its Nokia acquisition and cut 7,800 jobs, primarily in the phone business

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Elop departs as part of Microsoft reshuffle

Former Nokia-CEO Stephen Elop is the biggest name to be leaving Microsoft, as the company looks to align its engineering teams with its strategy

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Microsoft unveils new Windows

Swathe of new services shows a new ambitious strategy from Microsoft, but is it enough to win back old users?

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